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Monday, September 04, 2006

What's interestng today in Web 2.0 land

A nice succinct post on what's interesting on Web 2.0 (with companies):

1. Internet TV
2. Webware
3. Aggregators
4. Places
5. Recommendation-based music
6. Mobile 2.0
7. Lightweight project management
8. Open IM
9. Presence
10. Shared calendars
11. Structured data
12. Classifieds
13. Toys
14. Customization

My favorites:
1. Places (2L, WOW)
2. Presence (Plazes, Twttr...I see the potential but nothing that useful so far)
12. Classifieds (except I'm thinking about B2B, and specialized search to discover listings/business information out on the edges, also labor marketplaces)
14. Customization (Cafepress, Etsy)
15. Search as a platform, vertical search (e.g. Rollyo)

Or check out Matt Cutts' faves.

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