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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Advisor: Gary Angel

I had a great meeting yesterday with Gary Angel, Founder and CTO of SEMphonic, a web analytics and search engine marketing firm. Gary was my Web analytics partner when I was running interactive marketing for Intuit's QuickBooks Group. I'd characterize him as "one of the best vendor's I've ever worked with." I'm pleased that Gary has agreed to be a node on my Advisory Network. His firm also has a little discovered tool called CampaignTracker that does keyword research, competitive tracking, and PPC campaign reporting. After seeing it, I told him to raise the price, but only after I purchased the software!

Gary has deep customer and Web analytics experience serving firms like AOL, American Express, Bank of America, Visa, Morgan Stanley, and Hotwire. See his profile here. And his blog here.

Thanks Gary for your willingness to come on this adventure!


Michael Fassnacht said...

Hi Elliott,

Don't forget to mention Loyalty Matrix as one of the leading Analytical firms out there.
Good to see you in the blog world!


elliott said...

Hi Michael! Thanks for dropping by! For Customer Intelligence, there is no one better than Loyalty Matrix.

Side note: The interest level in "loyalty programs" on a worldwide basis continues to be very high...I've been talking to 5+ players in China with various takes on delivering networked loyalty/membership programs, and in the US have run into "points" programs most recently in MMORGS and on Answers sites.

I'll come visit Marketing Geek soon!