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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Google as the next Microsoft

So everyone (web 2.0 pundits that is) is talking about the demise of Kiko, a slick little AJAX calendar. John Battelle says this highlights the fact that Google is the next Microsoft.

I think everyone building new businesses need to contend with this fact. But there are positives (as only a former Microsoft'ie like myself can see). Looking at their developers' site, the potential for accelerating innovation is clear. My biggest hope is that Yahoo! will stay in the game and create a competitive dynamic that was missing during the Microsoft era. Yahoo! points to Rollyo as an great example of leveraging Yahoo! Search API. My favorite session at Search Engines Strategies 2 weeks ago (great coverage here at SERoundtable) was Search APIs. So Battelle is right: search as an apps development platform is here! (and just in the nick of time for my next startup!)

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