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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Google's struggles in China - the Google chain letter

A popular English language blog in China, ESWN, translated a popular chain letter going around that highlights the depth of Google's problems in getting popular adoption in China. In short, the chain letter blames Google for not providing search results for "Nanjing Massacre" and "Diaoyutao Islands" and claims:

This is an obvious display of contempt against the People's Republic of China and the men and women of China.
The ugly American ghouls are attempting to block information about China on the Internet! Their intention is extremely dangerous and evil!
Will everybody please attempt to experience this personally. If I am correct, then will you please relay this message so that all the Chinese people will know! We must resolutely boycott GOOGLE and use the search engine for the Chinese people: BAIDU! Let us use GOOGLE out of China!
In fact, according to ESWN, Google is providing results, that when clicked are going to sites filtered by the Great Internet Firewall of China. I'm not sure what to make of the apparent popularity of this chain letter, but its clear that Google has big challenges when people are willing to blame Google for providing results that don't filter sites banned by the Chinese government!

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